About Us

Established in 1996, BioForest specializes in innovative product development, and consulting strategies for urban and commercial forest protection. In 2015, BioForest became a subsidiary of Lallemand Plant Care to oversee and develop its Forestry division. BioForest is a Canadian company based in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada with a presence in Southern Ontario; Quebec; Michigan; Missouri; Massachusetts; and Finland. BioForest’s experienced and knowledgeable staff work with clients to create and implement effective pest management and forest health strategies for urban forests, commercial forests, woodlots, cottage properties, municipalities and more.

BioForest is the registrant of TreeAzin®, a systemic insecticide that provides up to two years’ protection against emerald ash borer and other insect pests in Canada and the United States. TreeAzin was developed for treating threatened trees in urban forests and environmentally sensitive areas. BioForest also developed an industry leading microinjection system, the EcoJect® System, used to apply TreeAzin into high value trees. BioForest is the exclusive North American distributor of Rotstop® C, a biological fungicide used to prevent the introduction and spread of Heterobasidion Root Disease (root rot) in conifer trees, and is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Arbotect® 20-S, a preventive fungicide Macro-Injection treatment for Dutch elm disease.

BioForest’s purpose is to save trees from invasive pests and disease while having minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Using a science based approach, BioForest is committed to implementing effective pest management and forest health strategies.